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King Foods

We truly believe that food ministry is an awesome and effective way to serve and connect with our community. Messiah Church is an official partner site for King Foods. King Foods is a monthly food program to help people in local community receive high quality food at a price they can afford. The food is purchased ahead of time and is delivered once a month to our church. The food boxes can be purchased either online or in person. Ordering is open to everyone, there are no limits, qualifications or requirements. Order for yourself, a friend, or family member, or consider buying a box to donate to a family in need in our community.


The family food budget is one of the largest costs in a household. King Foods food boxes offer a unique solution to cutting household costs without sacrificing food quality. The high quality menu varies from month to month with a diverse range of food and meals. You may purchase as many boxes as you would like, be it one or ten, so the program can be tailored to your needs.

Everyone is eligible. King Foods affords families the opportunity to significantly reduce their grocery costs by purchasing restaurant quality food in bulk. Anyone can participate because there are no qualifications. What we like to say is “if you eat, you qualify!”

For more information regarding ordering and ship dates, call Messiah Church at 334-730-4300 or to email our King Foods Site Director click here: .

You can view the current menu here.

Visit or call 1-877-409-3663 to view the current menu and locate a host site near your.