Board of Servant Leaders

The Board of Servant Leaders is made up of six members elected by the congregation.  They are the congregation's representatives empowered to govern and direct all external and internal activities of the Church.  Board members serve for a two-year term.  Paragraph 6.1 of the Church Constitution (below) identifies the roles of the Board of Servant Leaders.


6.1. General

The Congregation as a body, through its voting members, shall have final authority to govern and direct all of its external and internal affairs and its activities in pursuit of the Congregation’s mission given by God. To pursue that mission as responsibly, effectively, and as efficiently as possible, the Congregation shall establish a board of directors. In this Congregation, the board shall be named the Board of Servant Leaders, its members to follow the pattern of service and leadership set by our Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 10:35-45; Philippians 2:1-8). Neither the Congregation nor the Board of Servant Leaders shall be empowered to decide anything contrary to the Word of God and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church (Article 3.0) and any such decisions shall be null and void.

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